4 years from the release of GTA TBOGT in North A

4 years from the date of release of GTA TBOGT in North America
In 2010 in North America held an official presentation of a new modification of GTA 4 - The Ballad of Gay Tony (TBOGT), which means "the Ballad of gay Tony." This addition was the second and last update 4-th version of GTA, adapted for gaming platforms PlayStation 3 and PC.

the Developers and the official release

In the development of game software traditionally participated employees Rockstar North. Representatives Rockstar Toronto to provide active assistance in development exclusively on PC mods for Windows platforms. Among the publishers of the new game product, apart from Rockstar Games, has entered the Russian company 1C.

The official release of GTA TBOGT took place in North America on April 13, 2010. The game combines elements of 3D-shooter, action and autosimulator, quickly spread throughout the country. After evaluating all the possibilities of a new modification of GTA in the game community correspondents of the New York Times published a positive review, added the game even more popular.

To release staff Rockstar has prepared a limited edition of exclusive t-shirts. They attended logos and illustrations for GTA TBOGT.

4 years from the date of release of GTA TBOGT in North America

the Main innovations in GTA TBOGT

Were added secondary missions and mini-games. Into their number entered fights without rules, Golf, dancing in night clubs, air hockey, and some other. To participate in the criminal cycle of events in liberty city will have a new character - Luis Lopez.

Developers Rockstar has taken care to add to the game estimates by 100% scale for each mission. The evaluation criteria are individual for each job. Players now have the opportunity to undertake any mission again to plunge again into the thick of events or to improve their results. Added more capabilities for managing a nightclub. They allowed as to be in a role of a guard, and to serve privileged guests.

In the gameplay was introduced 10 new achievements. Among them Gone Down, Four Play, Snow Queen, and others. Some were given for the completion of all base jumps, the second for victories in competitions and other gaming achievements, characterizing the professionalism and creative approach of the players.

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