6 years since release of GTA 4 for Xbox and PS3

6 years from the date of the first release of GTA 4 for Xbox and PS
Grand Theft Auto 4 is the ninth modification of the game world series GTA. on April 29, 2008 took place the presentation of the video game world scale, uniting elements of driving and 3D-shooter.

The first modification GTA 4 was initially focused on gaming platform Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Unlike the PC version, released later adapted to these platforms the game was shown high performance.

The main feature of the new game was modified engine GTA 4, which allowed to bring to reality the behavior of the game characters. Players can get on different elevations, to run, to swim, to overcome obstacles and to perform other actions related to common people. Also implemented thought-out reaction characters to external stimuli (tremors reaction at the sight of law enforcement bodies etc).

6 years from the date of the first release of GTA 4 for Xbox and PS

the explosive growth of popularity GTA 4 for Xbox and PS3

Already in the first week after the presentation GTA 4 gaming community has sold more than 6 million of the original copies of the game. Total sales exceeded $ 500 million. Of these, more than 300 million dollars was necessary on the first day of sales. These indicators were a record for the global media industry, which was the reason for the inclusion of GTA 4 in the Guinness Book of records.

The unprecedented growth of the popularity of the game in the first days of sales provided the impetus for the development of two additions - "TLAD and TBOGT". They started actively spread through the official Internet resources, in particular, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Not implemented ideas of developers GTA 4

Some developers plan GTA 4 for Xbox and PlayStation never come true. In the end, the final version of the game does not include the following ideas:

1. Download radio channels via mobile phone;
2. The possibility Niko to climb the poles with lanterns;
3. Start spectacular rapid photography during the shots to the head and explosions;
4. Slow time.

These and some other modifications were excluded from the final version of the game. In some cases this is done to improve the game dynamics, in the other - to save the structure and uniqueness of author's ideas.

Despite excluded elements of the game, GTA 4 is very popular in 2014. Recently created hundreds's commands, some of which can be found in the latest news.

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