4 years ago the release of GTA 4 TLAD in USA

4 years ago the release of GTA 4 TLAD in North America
The Lost and Damned (TLAD) - the first of two episodes, supplemented GTA 4. In North America, the release took place in April 2010. The gaming community was already aware of the innovations, because in February of the previous year the game was released on the Xbox. Now, the game became available for gaming platforms PC (Windows) and PlayStation 3.

Developers and publishers

By the beginning of the 21st century among the many developers first release of GTA remained only company Rockstar North, Toronto. They made every possible effort fans not languished in anticipation of unique additions to the game, combining genres, action, 3d-shooter and driving. Upon completion of the development to the edition of the game in North America joined the representatives of RockStar Games.

Official release and age limits

April 13, 2010 in North America held an official presentation of the new additions. Game GTA TLAD was adapted games for PC, Playstation 3. This enabled the efficient use of software "engines" and two game modes (single player, multiplayer).

Amazing realistic underworld caused the need to set the age limit for players. According to various international ratings tolerance to it could receive persons of 15 years. In particular, in the age rating system OFLC (A) has a limit of 15+, and PEGI - 18.


There appeared a lot of additional awards, missions and mini-games. The developers had added and modified the possibility of installation of the control points with the passage of long missions. If you lose this would allow players to return to the previous event with minimal losses.

Interesting difference GTA TLAD from the original GTA 4 was a condition for obtaining a high-speed motorcycle Innovation. You must not kill two hundred pigeons, and 50 innocent gulls. The change to take effect closet main character. Now he does not have the ability to change his original clothes - old jeans, boots and leather jacket.

Added a few new multiplayer modes. Among them, the Club Business, Own the City and others. They all share one thing in common - focus on biker theme, which is the basis for additions TLAD.

4 years ago the release of GTA 4 TLAD in North America 4 years ago the release of GTA 4 TLAD in North America 4 years ago the release of GTA 4 TLAD in North America

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