The release of GTA 4 TBOGT PS3, PC in Russia in

Release GTA 4 TBOGT PS3, PC in Russia
the Second and last major update GTA became addition The Ballad of Gay Tony. The Russians were able to evaluate the development of a Rockstar in 2010. At the same time came out version of the game, adapted to the Playstation 3 and PC (Windows).

With fans of the genre are still found t-shirts with logos GTA TBOGT. Limited edition released their company Rockstar Games specifically to the exit of the 2nd additions for the fourth GTA.

The storyline in TBOGT begins when a Bank robbery in the original GTA 4. Involuntary participant of events becomes Louis, which subsequently comes to visit Tony. During the visit, it appears that Tony should Ancelotti decent amount of money. From this moment start to turn the main events.

Official release TBOGT in Russia

may 21, 2010, an official release of the 2nd additions GTA 4 in Russia. Has released version of 3D-shooter, adapted to the usual computers running Windows. At the same time introduced in the new additions, adapted for released in 2007, the Playstation 3.

Addition traditionally combined features of Action, autosimulator and 3D-shooter. In TBOGT preserved the principle of freedom of action, which is a hallmark of the games GTA.

Modern gaming community can enjoy the benefits of single and multiplayer games. Also available are a small pack of playing opportunities and vehicles. Any user can download them without restrictions.

Update multiplayer

All updates original additions GTA TBOGT passed mandatory screening for compliance with the legislation of different countries. For Russian gaming community became available updates multiplayer games. They include new weapons, items of clothing and tasks.

Under the command modes series "Deathmatch" for assistance in elimination of the enemy at the expense of the character is credited with the bonus. Its size is 25 dollars. Remuneration 125 dollars, armor and health issued character for the consistent elimination of 3, 5, 10 enemies.

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