In 2010 released GTA TLAD PC, PS3 in Russia

Release GTA TLAD PC, PS3 in Russia
In 2010 in Russia appeared the first addition GTA 4 for Playstation 3 and PC from Rockstar - The Lost and Damage. The events in the game began to develop around the main character - biker johnny Klebitz. Rigid character and determination of the character allows him to survive in the criminal environment of Grand Theft Auto.

Development and publication of TLAD for PS3 and PC

Main developments of the new additions were engaged in Rockstar North (DMA Design). Later to the creation of the PC version, joined the company Rockstar Torronto.

Edition of the popular 3D shooter in Russia was performed by the employees of the company 1C and Rockstar Games. Before admission gaming community to the new addition were set age limits. According to the provisions of the rating system PEGI addition GTA 4 TLAD has restricted class "18+".

the Official release of GTA TLAD

In the first decade of the 21st century Telecom technologies in Russia and the USA has reached unprecedented heights. Therefore, the Russian gaming community was well informed about future versions of the game. Fans of 3D-shooter constantly monitored official announcements and reviews in anticipation of the game.

may 21, 2010 the expectations of players in GTA 4 was justified. On sale-licensed copies of the first additions to the game for the PC and Playstation 3 - The Lost of Damage. Official expansion pack can be purchased in digital format on the Internet and on licensed disks.


The major addition in GTA 4 TLAD is to update the story line with the inherent biker world features. Within a virtual city, new mini-games. Into their number entered card games, arm wrestling, hockey.

Among the weapons became available pool cue, gun CZ 75, 40-millimetrovie grenade launcher Heckler. The variety of firearms complements shotguns and cropping. Appeared the possibility to use homemade bombs.

In addition TLAD was included 23 new vehicle. Over the past years the Russian gaming community has the opportunity to expand them to hundreds of units. Free media are modifications Russian and foreign cars for GTA.

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