Releases for iPad GTA: Chinatown Wars

Releases for iPad GTA: Chinatown Wars
the Events of September 2010 has revitalized the gaming community - the release of GTA Chinatown Wars for the iPad. The main action takes place in Liberty City with minor transformation areas compared with the fourth version of the game.

In the game interface was implemented functionality Multi Touch, made adjustments to the tuning complexity of the game, added the ability to play custom music. Compared to the versions of GTA CW, oriented for iPhone and iPod, the iPad version is present over a wide range of vehicles.

Graphics GTA CW for iPad

A distinctive feature of the game was the graphics in the spirit of the cartoon characters and comic style. Such an impressive visualization steel zest and innovation for the entire series of the GTA series.

Releases for iPad GTA: Chinatown Wars
Developers Rockstar have done an impressive work on improving graphical effects. The virtual world has become more realistic and intense. Special attention is paid to detail explosions and light sources. For maximum effect, the developers used the modified graphics engine RAGE2D.

To improve the capabilities of the graphics engine that was used isometric camera and technology Cel-shaded. Isometric projection is possible to reduce the distortion factor of the virtual object, observed at different angles. Technology Cel-shaded allowed us to simulate the effects that result from drawing by hand.

In the name of the game Chinatown Wars for iPad was added HD console. She points to the above graphical changes and indicates a high-definition display of the gaming environment.

To appreciate the convenience of management and graphical environment GTA CW allows the video below.

the Developers and official releases GTA CW for iPad

The first version of GTA CW for other gaming platforms appeared in March 2009. IPad users had to wait more than a year. The official release of GTA CW HD for iPad was held on 9 September 2010 on all continents.

In the vast global network found very conflicting information about the exact release date. Have a place to be mention of 8, 9 and 10 September 2010. With regard to official resources, the site developers Rockstar in the comments of the players featured on may 9. In Wikipedia as of release dates in the European Union and the United States appears 10 number. Anyway, the game appeared all over the world, to please the gaming community a new creature developer Rockstar.

The developers of GTA Chinatown Wars are the company Rockstar North (Scotland) and Rockstar Leeds (UK). As the largest publisher of a series of games GTA was the company Rockstar Games (USA).

In the first week after admission to the mass market expectations of trade organizations have been realized only partially. In comparison with the last part of the game, GTA CW were sold in smaller quantities. 7 days in the United States sold about 94 thousand copies. However, the overall sales figures on different continents met General expectations. The game can be purchased on CDs, and buy online and then download. The size distribution for iPad is about 450 MB.

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