5 years to release GTA CW PSP in Australia

5 years since the release of GTA CW PSP in Australia
on October 28, will be exactly five years since Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars officially went on sale in Australia for PSP. On the territory of this continent, the game reached the last turn, giving way to the championship of North America and Europe. But dedicated fans expect no less tenderly, wanting to add to your collection next masterpiece.

5 years since the release of GTA CW PSP in Australia

the features of the PSP version of GTA CW

Limited capacity portable game consoles became the reason for a number of innovations. Cartoon graphics and storyline comics substituted videos and three-dimensional graphics. Again moving the game into the world of 2D, the developers were able to fully recreate the full freedom of action, which is so famous for GTA.

For stealing the different vehicles you now need to use different approaches. Garbage bins contain a variety of surprises. With great luck character can win a hotel room, using the usual lottery.

The most attractive for most console owners is the possibility of starting a multiplayer game with friends. Now the word "gang" has taken on a new meaning, and the war for territory became more tense and exciting, because next to you not just the characters in the game, and very real people. If the shooting was tired and fights become boring - you can participate in racing tournament in the vastness of liberty city, proving his skill of driving.

As in all other parts, when traveling in the car, you can enjoy a pre-selected music. All songs have been separated for 11 stations. However, GTA CW for the PSP is no different excessive range or a large number of specially written for her music.

5 years since the release of GTA CW PSP in Australia


Ambitious opinions and optimistic expectations of developers and analysts not materialise in full. Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars for PSP in Australia failed to achieve the desired level of sales. The game did not save any thought-out plot, no well-designed gameplay.

The failure of the sales it makes no sense to blame the developers, because the game was really interesting and unusual. Statistics showed that the main buyers were avid collectors and fans, are not able to miss even a very little of the game series GTA.

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