GTA 4 for PC in America: 6 years release

GTA 4 for PC in America: 6 years release
In 2008 in North America appeared in the sequel to the popular game series from Rockstar is the fourth GTA for PC (Windows). The basic steps happen again in the vastness of the town of Liberty, but does not have a serious story of intersections with previous versions of the game.

In the fourth GTA significantly strengthened the concept of "freedom of choice". Players can have a decisive influence on the development of the storyline. Depending on their decisions there are 2 version of the final game.

500 million dollars in profits is the result of only the first week of sales. The game was a huge success in North America and other continents. Competent advertising company and significant improvements in the game led to a rapid formation of demand. For the first two weeks of sales were sold over 6 million copies of the game.

The gaming community was pleased with the presence of the multiplayer mode, which was previously mainly available in portable consoles. With the output port of GTA 4 for PC this defect is eliminated, and players have had the opportunity to participate in team-based battles in the vast virtual world, where the combined elements of 3D-shooter, automobile simulator and open world.

the Features of the PC version and multiplayer

In GTA 4 for PC there are significant graphical improvements. In particular, there is an editor for processing video replays, allowing you to save the most colorful episodes on your hard drive. Appeared to be fine tuned GUI. In particular, there are 3 level of overall detail and advanced settings range rendering, display of special effects.

Users who decided to test their strength in team battles available multiplayer game. It has 15 modes of play over the network, which can take up to 32 players. Each of them creates an image of your own character, choosing the appropriate appearance. Additional features are disclosed for increasing the ranking and well-being. In each multiplayer session is the organizer. He chooses a location, the detail of the game environment, sets the "script", imposes a limitation on the use of weapons and perform other preparatory activities.

At the time of the release of GTA 4 was considered one of the most computationally intensive games. Game performance is largely dependent on the capabilities of your video card and CPU power PC.

GTA 4 for PC in America: 6 years release

the Official release of GTA 4 for PC in North America

The release in North America took place towards the end of 2008 to 2 December. In the first week of sales, there have been hundreds of thousands of copies of the game. On the pages of social community Rockstar Social Club appeared thousands of new reviews.

The first days of field trials GTA 4 for PC showed that in the game environment, there are significant flaws. They were associated with numerous "hang-up"failures, "departures" and other unpleasant situations. Developers quickly reacted to this situation by starting the development of the update. December 20, it was ready and available for download. Quick response, developers have been able to avoid significant reservations about minor troubles quickly forgotten.

To this day there are players who do not have time to enjoy the wonderful world of GTA 4, and just fans of the genre who are interested in the history of the game series. Specially created for them a brief video review of the game world presented below.

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