Releases for Xbox 360: GTA TBOGT

Releases for Xbox 360: GTA TBOGT
5 years ago, on October 29, entered the official sales of the 2nd additional episode of Grand Theft Auto IV - The Ballad of Gay Tony for Xbox 360. The latest addition to the 4th part became available for purchase in all parts of the world. Already in the first week of the game showed impressive sales results.

As TBOGT is a Supplement to the main part, the novelty has received the same ranking, and GTA 4. To the release date, Rockstar limited edition prepared a series of exclusive t-shirts with the logo of the game. 's print and electronic publications with a focus on computer games has published a positive review, putting close to the top scores for story and gameplay.

the particular storyline TBOGT

The protagonist Luis Lopez is forced to go up against the Russian mafia, protecting his partner Tony Prince. Being a part-time bodyguard of Prince Louis engages in criminal alterations, trying to keep the business together. Competing crime families make every effort to crush Lopez and Prince.

The player is immersed in the atmosphere of glamour, dirty and dangerous "hangouts" in liberty city, getting in the incredible maze of intricate relations between clans and small gangs.


In TBOGT observed independent story, backed by a number of news among weapons and vehicles. Added mini-games, new additional missions with the possibility of re-passing. The atmosphere of the game supports more than one hundred songs that you can listen to 3 new radio stations.

Players are given the opportunity to run their own business, developing a nightclub. Added a number of light and heavy firearms, personal parachute with which you can jump with his new helicopter.

In addition TBOGT there is a multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends and get bonuses for killing enemies and to improve the characteristics of the character.

Releases for Xbox 360: GTA TBOGT
Releases for Xbox 360: GTA TBOGT
Releases for Xbox 360: GTA TBOGT

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