GTA 4 for Windows: release a PAL version

GTA 4 for Windows: release PAL-version
GTA 4 is the ninth game in the series Grand Theft Auto, which took pride of place in the Guinness Book record for highest sales in the first day and first week. Recall that the sum of the sales for the first day amounted to 310 million with an average cost per production processes 100 million.

Port of GTA 4 for PC (Windows) along with versions adapted for the PlayStation and Xbox, enjoyed an impressive popularity. It was somewhat marred by only one thing - the game has been very demanding of computational resources of the computer. So players were forced, at least to upgrade the processor and graphics card on computers average performance, in order to fully enjoy the gameplay and graphical effects.

Despite the complete identity of the gameplay, there are several hardware and software features of each series of distributions. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the region of the game (PAL, NTSC, NTSC J). GTA 4 PC that is released for the PAL region, could only download the inhabitants of Europe, Russia, South Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand.

The incompatibility of certain modifications to the game brought a lot of inconvenience to players who want to get the game for free. Trying to bypass specific protection, individual users have faced many "glitches" in the game process failures in the hardware parts of the game consoles and other troubles. At this time, players who have purchased a licensed copy from the developers RockStar have long enjoyed the gameplay.

GTA 4 for Windows: release PAL-version

Releases GTA 4 for PC in the region PAL

The official release of the game for the PAL region took place somewhat later than in NTSC, where players were able to enjoy the fourth GTA 2 December 2008. Large-scale launch of the game in Europe was held the next day, December 3, and in Russia on December 19.

The success of GTA 4 for PC not up to the Guinness Book of records as the ports of the game for Xbox 360 and PS 3 has managed to take in her vacant seat. However, the average popularity of the various ports in the first year after the start of sales is almost identical.

A new game could not to mention popular publications. In his reviews correspondents IGN, Game Informer and some other organizations have put GTA 4 the highest score. Their evaluation is considered an expert and says that to create GTA 4 were involved all the necessary technical and creative solutions that can meet the demanding needs of the global gaming community.

GTA 4 for Windows: release PAL-version

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