The release of GTA CW PSP in America

Exit GTA CW PSP in America
the First video and screenshots of GTA Chinatown Wars for the PSP has left a lasting impression. Yes, and reviews of gaming magazines only stirred up the interest of the masses.

Rockstar encouraged the curiosity of gamers to a new part of the game on a handheld updates, laying on Grand Theft Auto CW high hopes. She had to win the handheld market, forever taking his place in the history of console games.

Exit GTA CW PSP in America

Release Chinatown Wars

In North America sales launch of the PSP version was scheduled for October 20, 2009. For players convenience, GTA CW has released both on physical media and digital form. Specifically for the PSP game was adapted for widescreen display, there were significant changes in the graphics and lighting. Adding a number of new missions even more diversified gameplay. Users were pleased to have multiplayer with multiple game modes.


To build a virtual world is "pseudoroegneria graphics are far from the capabilities of modern imaging. The character is transferred to liberty city, partly borrowed from Grand Theft Auto IV. However, most of the time have to do in Chinatown, where and developing key events.

Developers diversified technique of auto theft with a focus on realistic game events. Graphic novels were issued in the form of comics, which is a key difference from the other parts. The character has had even more freedom of action up to the race in garbage cans, buy lottery tickets and personal email address where pesky traders constantly send spam.

Exit GTA CW PSP in America

the Failure sales

Despite rave reviews from critics and an impressive number of fans of this game series, sales of GTA CW became the most disastrous in the history of existence of the world of GTA. Even 5-year anniversary of the game the total number of copies sold and has not exceeded 1 million. What exactly was the cause remained a mystery. RockStar blamed pirates illegally distributing the game on the Internet, referring to the particular vulnerability of portable consoles and encouraged in every way to fight against such tyranny. Unfortunately, sales of the game taken not particularly affected.

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