GTA 4 install game on your computer

Instructions for downloading, installing and running GTA 4:

In the vast world of the Internet you can find and download the game GTA 4 but the torment of search-related games, activators and other untrusted programs to run GTA IV not stand! Only free cheese is in the mousetrap!

Portal recommends purchase licensed version of the game Grand Theft Auto IV and enjoy the wonderful gameplay and multiplayer capability, which in the case of pirated version is not possible.

Choose the most convenient way to purchase games GTA 4:
- Buy a CD with the game store in your city;
- Buy a disc of GTA 4 in the Internet shop: Gigagame or OZON;
- Buy an activation key Grand Theft Auto IV on Games for Windows LIVE.
- Buy Steam version of the game: Grand Theft Auto IV-Steam, Grand Theft Auto IV: complete Edition-Steam.

* If you have purchased a license key or Steam version of the game, the detailed instructions on downloading GTA 4 and enter the license key will be located on the seller, and made available to you after the payment.

Install the game to your computer following the instructions of the installer.

Download and install all of the latest patches for GTA 4. We recommend installing the patch for GTA 4 ( 4) start the game from the desktop via the Rockstar Games Social Club. You can sign up for Rockstar Games Social Club (you can not register and press the-button to skip the connection). Now push the big button PLAY (GAME). But when you first start the game, you're prompted to create a profile of LIVE-feel free to click on create profile and choose offline profile (or go to the registration page in Windows Live), enter the name and click OK.

All the procedures have been-you can now play the Hooah!

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