Grand Theft Auto Vice City 2

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 2
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2 is a global modification for GTA IV EFLC, whose goal is not to revive the old game and a brand new look to the beloved city Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 2
At the time when the action game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" took place in the 80s, VC-2 transports the player into a modern city with the spirit and bustle of the warm and Sunny Miami, with its endless beaches,azure waters, with expensive sports cars, and beautiful women!

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 2
In mod will be presented:
Completely redesigned city on HD quality with high resolution textures and high-polygon models. So also is a new story, but it has nothing to say can't (you are in the development of the storyline).
Transportation will be basically the same that was in the "Grand Theft Auto IV
Speakers will be shed for good music that will support the whole atmosphere of the game (there is a careful selection of the sound).

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 2
In the end just can say that all models are complete testing and everything is done at the highest level!

More info: Official group Vkontakte

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