5 years since release of GTA 4 for PC in Russia

the Cover of the Russian edition of Grand Theft Auto 4
Fifth anniversary of the publication of the Russian localization of Grand Theft Auto 4 for PC
5 years ago, the nineteenth of December 2008, there was the release of the Russian localization of Grand Theft Auto 4 for PC. This localization, and as localization of previously published console versions of the game was made by the company “1С-СофтКлаб”.

In the Russian version of Grand Theft Auto IV were corrected many technical shortcomings, present in the international version of the game released in early December in America and Europe.
Russian PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV comes out with the translated ingame texts and original dubbing characters with Russian subtitles that allows you to fully convey the essence of what is happening in the game and keep the unique flavor of the criminal metropolis.
In unlike the console versions, as released in one day around the world, the PC version was gradually released in different regions - the second of December there was release of GTA 4 for PC in North America, the third - the same release in Europe and only two weeks later in Russia. But now all this stuff is secondary, and today we can just remember our first start of the long-awaited PC version of GTA 4 in Russian.

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2013-12-19 16:37:41

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