The release of GTA 4 TBOGT PC, PS3 in Russia

Release GTA 4 TBOGT for PC, PS3 in Russia
some time after the release of GTA 4 in Russia it became known that there will be 2 additions – TLAD and TBOGT. The discussion around these events unfolded is not a joke, because key features of the update has not been covered in detail before the planned releases.

Modification TBOGT (The Ballad of Gay Tony for PlayStation 3 and PC (Windows) is released in Russia in the last turn. Today both supplements are available in set GTA: Episodes From Liberty City. Not hard to guess that the key events unfold in the fictional city of Liberty City, for construction of which was partly offset mapping real-life terrain.

Briefly about the main character and the story

All gold spin around the main character Louis Fernando Lopez. He is confidant and bodyguard Tonny, who successfully runs two nightlife in Liberty City. Louis has a mother, sister and brother. They obviously don't approve of his criminal life. Louis has managed to contact the selling of drugs and to serve 2 years in prison. Subsequently he waited for service in the marine corps.

The storyline twists with several serious mistakes Tonny during the leading Nightclubs. Now they want to take over the mafia. Comes to the aid of Louis. He cannot refuse to help his friend, who helped me to get on.

The plot began to turn and escape from the strong shackles of the criminal facts, more is not possible. Murder, theft, a lot of problems with other groups – now it becomes habitual for Louis life.

Release GTA 4 TBOGT for PC, PS3 in Russia

the Official release of TBOGT in Russia

Long time employees of Rockstar North and Toronto sought to develop an exciting game in which are traced the echoes of the real world. By 2010, their works were completed. To the publishers in many countries have joined the company Rockstar Games. Also publisher in Russia took the company 1C.

The abundance of violent scenes and the criminal life of the characters could not be left without attention the age rating systems. Sale new modification was allowed only to adult citizens who have reached 18 years of age. The company BBFC has set a rating of "18", PEGI – "18+".

The official release of add-on TBOGT for PS3, PC in Russia was held on may 21, 2010. After 5 years, the game remains relevant because of the unique storyline, good graphics and popularity of the GTA series. Moreover, in the modification TBOGT supports both single and multiplayer mode, without which it is not conceivable a team game so relevant in the 21st century.

Innovations in GTA 4 TBOGT

To maintain the key idea in addition TBOGT the developers have added a number of primary and secondary missions. There are several miniature games. Including aerodynamic hockey, dance, Golf and some others. The performance of the main story missions assessed on a percentage scale to 100%. Their only at first glance to score will be easy. If the result of the mission was not satisfied with the first try, you can test yourself again and go through it again.

To achieve many of the goals will inevitably need weapons and fast transport. In TBOGT there are new models of weapons from pistols to rocket launchers, an updated fleet of ground and air transport.

There are new in-game achievements. They include Gone Down (completion of the basic jumps), Snow Queen (the end of the 25 battles for drugs), and many others. They allow you to get not only the proper reward, but also increase your credibility in the vastness of the criminal world.

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The release of GTA 4 TLAD for PS3, PC in Russia was successfully held in 2010.

The long-awaited release of GTA 4 for Xbox 360 and PS3 took place in the first half of 2008.

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