TOP-3 mods for GTA IV

TOP 3 mods for GTA 4
Today we are introdusing your 3 modifications for GTA IV. 3 mods, that are we truly belive, are ones of the most important for this game, that transforms it and helps to get new feelings from it. Each mod have detailed description, screenshots and ling to mod's page.

iCEnhancer 3.0 for GTA 4

Long awaited odification for GTA IV, that absolutly renews graphics of the game. This mod inclides both ENB and FXAA-Injector, what adds a lot of new beautiful and realistic effects to the game, that transfrotms it beond recognition. Actually this mod made for those, who loves ingame realism, who wants to complitely dive into it. Most important of game changes is that Liberty City start to look really close to real city. Game developers said, that game potential will be discovered on PC-version in long perspective. And this words were true. Not only the big graphics changes, but alot of little touches were made to the game, that completes all ingame atmosphere. For the first time in GTA IV you can see realistic sun rays, realistic rain and other weather conditions.

DOF effect and neon lights new city lighting new sky, clouds and reflections
Mod features:
  • new reflections;
  • clouds;
  • car lights;
  • neon lights;
  • sun and rain;
  • and more...
SHIFT+F12 to turn on. installation is automatic. ASI Loader is required.

Download iCEnhancer 3.0 for GTA 4

GTA V Package Final for GTA 4

This mod makes GTA IV look like GTA V. If your PC can't handle GTA V, sure you want to make your GTA IV look like it. Mod changes game interface, balancing, animations etc. Three GTA V game charactes were added to the game, meaning Michael, Trevor and Franclin. Game map didn't change, it's still in development. Anyway, this mod adds many fresh ideas to GTA IV, and changes feels from the core gameplay. This mod isn't for complete walkthrough, but for freshing gameplay features and to make your game experience close to GTA V.

character switching from GTA V weapon switching from GTA V
Key features:
  • radar and mini-map from GTA V
  • character switching like GTA V
  • death effect from GTA V
  • icons from GTA V;
  • color abilities of each character from GTA V;
  • animation struggle from GTA V;
  • healing health as in GTA V;
  • 5 level investigation from GTA V
For installation open OpenIV, in the Tools menu, select Package Installer, and specify GTA V to IV Package Final.oiv. ASI Loader is required.

Download GTA V Package Final for GTA 4

Iron Man IV v 2.0 for GTA 4

GTA IV modification, that adds Iron Man suit to the game. Actualy, this mod completely changes gameplay mechanics of handling your character. First of all, character's look: you're completely in Tony Stark's suit and in many variations. There are suits from different Iron Man movies and from The Avengers as well. Further more, there are Iron Man armors, that weren't included in movies and were only in Iron Man comics. Your character gets Iron Man abilities. Most important - flying ability. Now you can fly high above Liberty City using your suit's reactive engines. Also you can arrange complete madness on the streets using your suit's weapons, such as machine guns, lasers and rockets. Mod adds a lot of animations as well to complete feeling of being a superhero.

Mod expands your character control mechanics with different key combinations. All of those are listed mod's page. ASI Loader and Net Script Hook are required.

Iron Man's suit in gameplay explotion after using your suit's rockets alternative suit from comics
Download Iron Man IV v 2.0 for GTA 4

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