Russian releases GTA: TLAD PS3, PC

Russian releases GTA: TLAD PS3, PC
TLAD is the first extra episode for GTA 4. It is noteworthy that the add-on TLAD and TBOGT were developed at different times, however, the release for PS3 and PC in Russia took place in one day. This nuance can be called a relative advantage, because the Russians were able to choose the most interesting storyline that could be substantially different in different versions of the game.

The main acting character in TLAD – Johnny Klebits. He is a reputable member of the biker club "The Lost". He was a difficult path full of dangers and unexpected plot twists.

the Official release of GTA TLAD for PS3, PC in Russia

In the spring of 2010 in the companies Rockstar Torronto and North was completed ports TLAD for PS3, PC. On 21 may, the game went on sale in Russia. One of the major publishers was the company 1C.

Supplement became popular almost immediately. The reasons are many – the combination of driving simulators and 3D-shooter, professional graphics, the multiplayer, a fascinating story. In General, the developers of Rockstar, as usual, managed to meet the expectations of the gaming community. As a consequence, the addition TLAD sold huge quantities and brought an impressive profit.

To purchase TLAD could not all Russians. According to research by age rating systems access to the game could only get adult citizens.

After and before the expansion occurred in both recognition and criticism additions TLAD. Criticism for the most part was related to the abundance of scenes of violence. But the recognition the game has received not only in the gaming community, but also among the reputable gaming publications. These include IGN, GameTrailers, Metacritic, Eurogamer. Best score Supplement received in the edition of GameTrailers – a 9.2 out of 10, the lowest in EuroGamer – 8 out of 10 points.


Biker slope scenario inevitably led to the need to enter extra missions and weapons, transport. There are new guns, grenade launchers, shotguns, as well as motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles, ammunition. The image of a biker who actively participates in a criminal action, was implemented in full.

Russian releases GTA: TLAD PS3, PC
In addition, there is a unique command ability. When the gang begins to follow the leader on the ground highlights the attributes of "The Lost". It is desirable to stay within a few seconds. This will restore your armor, health.

Due to the presence of a fairly lengthy missions additionally added checkpoint. Now, if the job will fail, then you can start from the reference point, rather than starting to go through the entire mission.

The main character can no longer change clothes. Throughout the game there would be a leather jacket with appropriate symbols, jeans and boots.

Themed atmosphere additions TLAD perfectly complements the background music. The game adds 50 new songs.

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