The yield Supplement TLAD PC, PS3 in Europe

Yield Supplement TLAD PC, PS3 in Europe
In April 2010, the first major addition to GTA 4, adapted for the PC and PS3 - The Lost and Damned. Modest and insignificant it can not be called. The developers have done a full game script, which gradually merged with the main game.

Succinct story was only the beginning. During the game pleases advanced version of the gameplay. The main character can always rely on friends from his gang. The weapon, a sweet ride, help in dismantling anything for the newly minted leader of the gang. With the development of the script, the characters experience grows, which has a beneficial effect on the development of criminal circle.

In the gameplay, not forgotten, specific entertainment. Will have to seriously compete with other gangs, to sort things out on the road, use weapons and to fight with fists. On a private basis can take a break and play a little game - Billiards, air hockey and others.

Not without serious adaptation of a game new activities, as the main means of achieving any biker is a powerful and reliable motorcycle. In particular, a motorcycle is easier now a special shotgun with minimal variation, which makes it easy to hit targets on the move.

Yield Supplement TLAD PC, PS3 in Europe

release date TLAD in Europe and peer review

In Europe the official release date for The Lost and Damned for PC (Windows) and PlayStation 3 is 16 April 2010. Since that time, players get the opportunity to visit the role of the biker leader, which time and again have to survive in the hostile environment of the criminal world.

In the development, localization and distribution of the Supplement was attended by some of the largest gaming companies in different continents. This fact is not surprising, since GTA TLAD along with other games of the series was a masterpiece of the gaming industry and has brought huge profits for their creators.

Expert evaluation additions TLAD in most editions were conducted on a scale of 10. For example, well-known foreign publication IGN put up 9 points after a detailed study of the game. Employees Eurogamer has settled on a more modest score of 8 points. Interim evaluation 9.2 points appeared in the edition of GameTrailers.

After a few days after its release in Europe, it became clear that the gaming community has evaluated the addition appreciated. This is evidenced by the numerous works of authorship (photo, video, modification), as well as comments on the game forums. The advantages are immediately visible - intensive storyline, colorful graphics, the ability to load distributions TLAD over the network and run the multiplayer mode.

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