Add release TLAD PS3, PS in America

add Release TLAD PS3, PS in America
Release Supplement The Lost and Damned for PS3 and gaming computers (PC) in North America was held in spring 2010. Developers companies Rockstar North and Rockstar Toronto did a great job on another masterpiece of the gaming industry.

By and large, to GTA 4 TLAD is nothing like a large addition to the main game. Some players expect to see something modest - a small story of explorers road that will "dilute" the gameplay. However, developers do not have to be content with little and created a full-fledged story that has radically transformed the usual gangster life game characters.

The birth additions TLAD has surpassed the expectations of many fans of the GTA series. High marks from foreign publications, IGN, Eurogamer prove.

Key character becomes biker johnny. "Personality" is quite serious and self-confident. In fact, revolves around him and storyline.

Johnny is an outstanding authority member of a criminal gang, although circumstances did not allow it to occupy the leading place initially. This lapse subsequently settled and johnny will take the throne instead of Billy. The further fate and success of this visionary authority begins to depend on any particular player, because users choose their actions alternative to the development of criminal events.

add Release TLAD PS3, PS in America
add Release TLAD PS3, PS in America

release date TLAD for PS3, PC in North America

The first official announcements about the release of a serious additions to GTA 4 in North America appeared in 2008. On the Internet appeared more screenshots, videos, text reviews. Not without speculation, which were finally dispelled only after official statements.

The official release date for The Lost and Damned for PlayStation 3 and PC is considered to be April 13, 2010. The game was available as optical media and in electronic form. In particular, the players enjoyed the game servers GfWLive and PSN.

The Supplement has been age limits that have become "standard" for the GTA series with rare exception. Depending on the area of residence to the gameplay could be admitted persons who fall under the age group of "M" to "18+".

On TLAD was noted increased demand. He began to form when the players realized that being prepared is not a minor update, but a whole "other world". One user had enough promotional materials before the official release Supplement, convinced the other stories of friends, friends and content is copyright of reviews from the players. Anyway, high levels of sales were achieved, and the presence of market demand for the first official addition to GTA 4 is celebrated today.

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