The release of GTA TBOGT PS3, PC in America

5th anniversary of the release of GTA TBOGT PS3, PC in America
The Ballad of Gay Tony (TBOGT) was released as the second and final additions to the main game GTA 4. Initially, the update of the game world was available on game consoles PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC (Windows).

North America release add-ons for PS3, PC successfully took place 5 years ago. Since the release was published many additional modifications that are used by modern players.

the Developers and preparation for release

Developments additions TBOGT did the company Rockstar Toronto, North. Employees first has made great efforts for the release of the PC version. On completing the development and the necessary tests spread of the game in North America was conducted by the staff of the publisher Rockstar Games.

Is not the first time new releases GTA acquire a huge amount of conflicting information. TBOGT was no exception. Prior to the release of additions to the network existed a huge number of assumptions about the final release date and content. In particular, individual members of the gaming community expected release in March 2010, but it took place somewhat later.

Exit TBOGT in North America

Official start date of the distribution ports of GTA TBOGT for PS3 and PC in North America is considered to be April 13, 2010. On this very day the players have access to expanded gaming opportunities in the criminal world, which combines elements of driving simulators, Action and 3D-shooter.

Along with the classic advertising campaign before the release of the Supplement have been prepared exclusive bonuses. In particular, employees of Rockstar Games took care of the issue of the exclusive limited edition t-shirts on which was applied the attributes of the game. Individual American players fortunate enough to be their owners.

Sales additions traditionally, the GTA series was characterized by a fairly high rate. Partly this was facilitated by the advertising company and expert evaluation prestigious publications in the field of gaming industry.

5th anniversary of the release of GTA TBOGT PS3, PC in America

Expert evaluation GTA TBOGT

Steady growth in the popularity of GTA TBOGT in North America and in other countries contributed to the high ratings offered popular gaming publications. In particular, the highest score was exposed employees X-Play - 5 of 5 possible points.

Rating of the game world was also involved in the publication of GameSpot, IGN, 1UP, GameTrailers, Eurogamer and some others. Average rating is above 9 points out of 10 possible.

The results of the peer reviews GTA TBOGT testify to the high quality of the game environment. The users themselves noticed on the discussion forums that the content of the script was very capacious, the gameplay is varied and exciting.

5th anniversary of the release of GTA TBOGT PS3, PC in America

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