Release GTA TBOGT PC, PS3 in Europe

add Release GTA TBOGT PC, PS3 in Europe
GTA TBOGT for PC, PS3 in Europe appeared in April 2010 with a lag of 3 days from North America. In the updated game there is preserved a concise combination of features Action, three-dimensional shooter and driving simulators.

Along with technical innovations in the basis TBOGT was based on succinct storyline. The main character was Luis Lopes, who is the bodyguard and business partner Tony. A fatal combination of circumstances led to the emergence of Tony's problems with the Russian mob. He want to take profitable clubs "Hercules", "Maisonette 9". All hope for Luis.

the Official release of The Ballad of Gay Tony for PS3, PC in Europe

By April 2010, developers Rockstar North, Toronto) completed the development of a Supplement, and the publishers were ready for the start of sales in Europe. April 16, players get the opportunity to purchase TBOGT and enjoy the gameplay.

The abundance of violence in the game process is not left unattended age rating PEGI systems, OFLC, BBFC, ESRB. The result of their work is clearly visible on each box of the game. To the acquisition and use of add-ons are not allowed minors. Specific "threshold" age limit varies in different countries and ranges from "MA15+" to "18+". These limitations also observed when loading the game through PSN server, GfWlife, Xbox Live.

add Release GTA TBOGT PC, PS3 in Europe

New to the game

Developers seriously worked on the software component of the Supplement. In particular, for the visualization of the virtual world were used modified game "engines" Rage, Euphoria.

Along with graphic detailing the players were pleased with the presence of single and multiplayer mode. This is understandable, because the game against real opponents a lot more fun, and the result is sometimes difficult to predict in advance.

It also adds new weapons, transport, introduced updated versions of the tasks and additional missions. In particular, we have added a secondary game (hockey, dance, underground fights), supplemental mission management nightlife.

Now the passage of each story mission was evaluated on a scale with a maximum value of 100%. Calculations are made for each individual job parameters.

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