The release of GTA 4 for PS3, Xbox 360

the Release of GTA 4 for PS3, Xbox 360: dates and facts
the Emergence of Grand Theft Auto 4 games for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from 2008. Release refers to the "world" to the events of the game industry that are allowed at all continents.

Knowing the technical capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as the desire of developers Rockstar to perfection, it is easy to assume what horizons opened GTA 4. The game has surpassed the wildest expectations of the gaming community and critics. The proof in the evaluation of well-known foreign publications IGN, Edge, GameSpot and many others. Almost all editions put up 10 points out of 10 possible. The game became a real success.

the Development and release of GTA 4

The development of GTA 4 under platform Xbox 360 and PS3 started in 2004. The first official announcement about the coming change was made in 2006 on one of the largest exhibitions E3 gaming industry.

First in a series of games was used game engine of its own design Rockstar Games. In GTA 4 began to apply advanced software modules Rage. For physical simulation was further used engine Euphoria. The combination of software modules and technical capabilities of game consoles allowed to bring the GTA series to a qualitatively new level.

the Release of GTA 4 for PS3, Xbox 360: dates and facts
Key innovations and modifications is a clear implementation of the combat and navigation systems, "artificial intelligence, surveillance systems, communications, weapons, vehicles and much more. These nuances in combination with succinct storyline, great graphics and multiplayer mode doomed GTA 4 for unprecedented success.

Before the release of the passions in the gaming community was greatly fueled by the advertising company and colorful reviews. For the first time to see and appreciate the advantages of the game users in 2008. April 29 official "world" release of GTA 4 for Xbox 360, PS3.

The success of the game confirms the level of sales. According to the static information by September 2011 it sold over 22 million copies of GTA 4. For 2008 the total sales amounted to more than 12 million, in 2009 - more than 14 million. The numbers continued to grow until 2013, when the amount of total sales exceeded $ 21 million. The relevance of games and high demand characteristic of the present time.

Interesting facts

Separate the ideas of the developers was not destined to reach end users. It was originally planned that the game character will be able to climb up on lampposts, listen radio on your mobile, and during the headshots and explosions will occur colorful special effects. These ideas have not reached the final version, but their alternatives are reflected in the gameplay.

The success of GTA 4 decided to consolidate and to produce two additional episodes - The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony. Both episodes are almost independent storylines, in which you can hardly find a good crossing. In the first episode of the script is dedicated to biker gangs, and the second focuses on the city, which is mired in the mud, glamour and complete lawlessness by criminal gangs.

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