GTA 5 crashes on the jewelry store heist

GTA 5 crashes during the jewelry heist?
As is often the case when moving large and expensive projects from platform to platform, there are inevitably bugs and freezes, somehow passed through a testing stage. GTA 5 is no exception. Perhaps the most common bugs encountered a great many players are bugs with the game crash during the execution of the first robbery in character (jewelry store) and mission Blitz game (Blitz Play).

Most of the problems players occurs during the escape on motorcycles. When you press RMB (aim) game closes with an error BEX64. The same problem may occur again even after a successful RAID on a jewellery shop. Also, sometimes, the game is buggy at the moment of switching from the control Franklin, to control the truck.

Generally, the problems of this plan arise from the following factors:

Cyrillic in the path to the game files.

Everything is simple: remove the Cyrillic characters in the file paths. By the way, it can help you in solving some of the problems with other games.

Cyrillic in Windows user name.

Open the window "Run" (if you have Win 8, you can simply right-click on the icon "start"). There write the following: lusrmgr.msc. In the window that appears, find your profile, click on it right click and rename. Rockstar Games claim that with the release of the first patch all the problems with the Cyrillic alphabet have been resolved, but still better to play safe.

Replace the default launcher on the other.

Download a new launcher from the developers, put it in your game folder and run GTA 5 with it.

Editing the registry.

Open the window "Run", type regedit there and press Enter. Then open branches:

32bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Windows
64bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Windows

We need a paragraph Applnit_DLLs. If it is already entered parameters – erase them. The item itself leave. Before these actions always back up all data, which is going to change.

In addition to these solutions, there are so situational that help avoid crashes, but not solve the problem. For example, it is possible not to aim while on the vehicle during the execution of the mission. Just a bug in the mission Blitz Play with garbage truck helps to solve the following: when the time comes to steal a garbage truck, destroy it with grenades or explosives and restart the mission – departures must stop. Second solution: throughout the mission not to use any explosives.

All bugs systematically corrected by the developers, as patches. We'll monitor their output and the appearance of new errors, so follow our website, in case you have problems with GTA 5.

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