How to register Social Club account

How to register with Social Club
This article is designed specifically for beginners in the world of GTA and explains how to register with the Social Club.

All the latest games Rockstar Games for games require mandatory registration with the Social Club. In fact, this service is nothing but the protection from the pirates, but he positions himself as a social service for the gaming community. Anyway, to play GTA 5, even in single player mode, you have to use Social Club. And it goes without saying that in order to register in GTA 5 Online, you will have to join the ranks of the users of Social Club.

To register in this service you need to go to the site and click on "NOT A MEMBER? JOIN THE SOCIAL CLUB" in the upper right corner of the screen. After that you will move to a page to create account in Social Club. This same account will work as an account in GTA 5 Online. The rest is simple: fill the required fields (if you want, you can subscribe to the newsletter from Rockstar Games), after that the service will prompt you to select an avatar. It now remains only to go to the mailbox specified in the registration form and confirm the address.

As mentioned above, Social Club combines the functions of a social network and gaming service. Perhaps the most useful functionality is the ability to look for a gang to play GTA Online. Here you can also easily view your achievements in all games Rockstar Games, keep track of the most popular streams and view the latest news from the developers in the Russian language.

Hope that helped you with this article, stay tuned on our website to be aware of the latest news about GTA 5.

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