How to start a Heist in GTA Online

How to start a Heist in GTA Online
The Heists update for GTA 5 Online has brought to the game, among other things, a variety of gameplay changes. GTA Online, retaining all its features, became more similar to an MMO in the classic sense. For those of you, who first heard about this new element of gameplay and created this article.

Heist in GTA Online is nothing like co-op missions with story and a clear, linear structure of the passage. To arrange a robbery you should have at least 12th rank in GTA Online, as well as be the owner of a luxury apartment. If these conditions are met, you will be contacted Lester, after which you will have the opportunity to arrange the robbery, along with your friends or on your own risk, with random people. If you have already started the Heist and want to continue it or start a new preparatory mission, a call from Lester don't have to wait: just use the phone and select "Play the Heist in "Fast Work".

To arrange a robbery you can from the comfort of their luxurious apartments using the bathroom for planning robberies. In this case you will have to recruit random people from the queue or invite your friends. It should be remembered that robbery in GTA Online, it's very non-trivial task, so that the selection of accomplices should be approached with the utmost seriousness, otherwise it will be very difficult to get pleasure from the game. When you finish all five available robberies, you will be able to choose and replay any of them coming to the Board in the room for planning robberies at home.

If you can't commit robbery as a leader (for example, because until you have a 12th grade), you can join someone else's robbery. In this case, you will be spared from having to pay the costs of preparing the case, however, and the final jackpot will be noticeably less. Besides you can go on missions in any order, and thus miss some interesting plot points. So better start robbing yourself!

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