How to have fun with a prostitute in GTA 5

Night in GTA 5

For a 100% completion of the game, you need to pick up a prostitute at least one time. Prostitute «interactions» also increase player’s health and stamina.

How to pick up a prostitute in GTA 5

A prostitute in GTA 5
An elite hooker is not likely to jump into an old broken car, so you need to find asuitable vehicle. Prostitutes show up at night (with the exception of certain missions) and wait for their clients until dawn. Once you see the girl you like, follow these simple steps:
  1. Drive up and honk the horn until she is interested.
  2. Wait for her to get in the car.
  3. Drive someplace secluded where no one can interrupt the two of you.
The girl will then present you with 3 options, from the cheapest to the most expensive one: a blowjob, a full-on intercourse and a longer version of the latter.

Where to pick up a prostitute in GTA 5

Prostitute in a car
Hookers have different price lists, some being more expensive than the others. The cheaper ones can be found in such areas as Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay and some districts of Los Santos. The elite prostitutes of Los Santos mostly gather in Vinewood and Del Perro districts.

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