Ways to put a emblem on GTA 5

Emblem in GTA 5

It’s fair to say that the players spend most of their time violating the law in Grand Theft Auto 5 Shootings, chases, hijackings and killings – all this is a huge part of the game, which is not surprising since the gameplay is pushing the player to cause mayhem on the streets of Los Santos. A large choice of weapons, fast cars and safehouses is all you need for a proper shootout.

Character logo from GTA Online
The situation doesn’t change with the Online mode. In fact, a big number of players that strive to kill you is what contributed to the creation of the Crew system in GTA 5 Online. Now players can join Crews to level their characters up and make money faster.

Graffiti with the logo in GTA 5
You can also create custom Crew emblems using official Rockstar emblem editor. They will show up on the website as well as in the game. How to get a Crew emblem in GTA 5? You can find an answer to that question by checking out a step-by-step tutorial on our website. Through a wide range of graphic tools, you will be able to create a unique and memorable style for your Crew.

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