How to get to hell in GTA 5

The road to hell is GTA 5

The release of a new Grand Theft Auto game made a great impression on players with its brand new graphics, vehicles, storyline and gameplay. Even though it came out more than 5 years ago, gamers all over the world still play the game since there’s lots of side missions aside from the main story. Most of them aren’t unique, however, you may still run into many different adventures while completing them.

Inferno in GTA 5
As the players go along the story in GTA 5, they discover locations that become unavailable after the mission is complete. An example of that would be the secret laboratory mission. However, there are certain glitches that allow you to access those locations. Many players wonder, “How to go to hell in GTA 5?”.

Hell in GTA 5
It is impossible to find hell on an original map, but you can download a mode that will open a portal in a cave, passing through which will create an actual hell in GTA 5 It’s interesting to walk around such a place because it’s quite creepy.

You’ll have a great experience if you download this mode. New textures and hidden secrets will make sure of that.

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