How to get to heaven in GTA 5

Meeting with God in GTA 5

The GTA universe has been bringing lots of fun to the players all over the world for many years. Open world, dynamic cutscenes and an interesting story attract many players’ attention. The fifth game in the series went even further than its predecessors, offering us completely unique storylines. And, aside from a number of different easter eggs and references, you can even meet the God himself.

How to go to heaven in GTA 5?

Paradise in GTA 5
Many players are interested in how to go to heaven in GTA 5 and get different bonuses and achievements. Although it’s not the location itself that is interesting, but the way to get there. Players can meet a lot of different movie characters or superheroes along the way, such as:
  • Deadpool;
  • Iron Man;
  • Harley Quinn;
  • Terminator;
  • Spider-Man.
That’s not the whole list of characters that you can find. If you want to go to heaven in GTA 5, you’ll have to install a certain mod that will allow you to do it. You can find it there.

How to go to heaven in GTA 5
After having installed the mod, a giant stairway will appear on one of the Los Santos skyscrapers. You can then go up those majestic stairs step by step. More characters and quests will appear as you approach the end. Eventually, you will be able to meet with God.

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