How to upgrade strength in GTA 5 online

Pumping power in GTA 5

There’s a lot of games where you can level up your character. The Grand Theft Auto series
didn’t have that feature at first. The first game in the series to introduce that was San Andreas.The protagonist could go to a gym and exercise to increase his physical abilities. By doing that,the player gained extra health points as well as speed. If you had a high level of Stamina, you could sprint for dozens of seconds. After GTA Online came out, players started wondering, “How to level up Strength in GTA 5 Online?”.

In this article we will show you how to do that as quickly as you can.

How to increase strength in GTA 5

What are the ways

There’s at least two ways you can level up your character. If you don’t want to lose your multiplayer account, we recommend you to not use any cheat software to hack the game. There are multiple options that you can use to level up your character without having to resort to any trickery. Here’s some of them:
  • Participate in Street Races. You don’t have to win every one of them because even if you
    come in last, you still get Reputation points that allow you to level up your character.
  • Escape the cops. Running away from the police will not only give you adrenalin, but also
    reward you with some more Reputation. You might get caught when using this method,
    but if you manage to escape, you will get a few extra hundreds of points.
  • Stealing cars. You don’t really need to pay much attention to that one since players
    change their vehicles every 10 minutes anyway.
  • Last but not least, try participating in sports. Base jumping or golf can bring you some
    good old fun as well as bonus points to level up your character.
The muscles in GTA 5
If you’re not interested in such activities, there is a much easier way. While playing with your
friends, try and punch the vehicle in which one of them is sitting. This will help you earn
additional points in no time.

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