How to get the baseball bat in GTA 5 Online?

A baseball bat in GTA 5

It’s tempting to try everything that the developers offer us while playing GTA Online.
And weapons are also on that list. One of the most fun melee weapons in Grand Theft Auto series is a baseball bat.

Using the bits in GTA 5

How to get it

You cannot purchase this weapon in gun stores in GTA Online as it refers to unique weapons alongside with a crowbar, a golf club and a Molotov cocktail. You can find it using a mission editor or in any of the four missions:
  • «Where Credit's Due» (from Lamar);
  • «El Burro Heists» (from Simeon);
  • «Meth'd Up» (from Gerald);
  • «Last Team Standing».
So, players have to search for this weapon around the Blaine County under different circumstances. If you use a mission editor, you need to place the item on the map first and only then find it with your character. You can also easily find a video on how to get a baseball bat in one of the missions.

Bat as a weapon in GTA 5

What is it

This weapon has been the ultimate way to knock out your opponents since GTA III. In GTA 5 and GTA Online a baseball bat is an aluminum melee weapon with a handle and various markings and logos on it.

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