Ways to pass flying school in GTA 5

To pass flying school in GTA 5

In order to get access to the flight school, you need to finish «Friends Reunited»
mission first. You will then see a plane marker on the map, that’s where you need to
go. Once you initiate the training, you’ll need to pass certain lessons.

Test flight in GTA 5
The 12 lessons are:
  • «Training Take Off»;
  • «Runway Landing»;
  • «Inverted Flight»;
  • «Knife Flight"»;
  • «Flat Hatting»;
  • «Touch Down»;
  • «Loop the Loop»;
  • «Helicopter Course»;
  • «Helicopter Speed Run»;
  • «Skydiving»;
  • «Drop Zone»;
  • «Earn Your Wings».
As you can see, the training starts with elementary lessons and ends with the more complicated ones, from a simple takeoff to skydiving and landing on a certain target.

The cockpit is in GTA 5
For each lesson completed the player will be awarded with one of three medals,depending on the speed. To have a 100% completion of the game, you only need to have bronze medals, even though you can still earn silver or gold ones. It’s a lot easier to fly with a maxed out flying skill as your plane becomes more responsive and less prone to turbulence.

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