If you swim GTA 5 online: how to do it

Swimming in GTA 5

In the new part of GTA game the zone for swimming is rather extended, and there is the unique underwater world for exploration and finding interesting things. Also, the physics of water and wet clothes will gladden any gamer, because they are made at the highest level.

For swimming it will be necessary to press key “W” like for running. For speeding you can add the pressing “Shift”. For diving you have to press “space”. You will dive and point the way by mouse cursor, where you want to move. The swimming gives different advantages and entertains the user. For example:
  • Exploration the underwater world;
  • Enjoying the scenery of sea depth;
  • Taking part in the race of speed swimming;
  • Invisible passage the patrolled areas under the water.
How to swim in GTA 5
Remember: more swimming – more skill raising, which helps you to be under the water longer and to have more high speed. To be the best swimmer of Los Santos you have to train hard and take part in different competitions. Also you can find a treasure and the unique subjects on the ocean bottom, however you will need a special equipment or a bathyscaphe for it. You can earn good money by this way and find more entertainments in the game.

Under water GTA5

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