How bare breast in GTA 5?

To remove a bra in GTA 5

When Grand Theft Auto Online was released, hundreds of thousands of players were playing simultaneously, so it was no surprise to see that a lot of characters either had the same clothes or were just clones of each other. As the number of active players went down, the situation changed. Thanks to the great amount of clothing shops throughout the city, players can change their outfits anytime. Regardless of your character’s gender, there is at least a dozen different styles for each item of clothing.

Girl's breast in GTA 5
Many players wonder, “How to remove a bra from a female character?". We’d like to remind you that it’s not possible to remove the bra completely because GTA 5 has an age restriction. However, there is an old glitch that allows you to remove the bra while keeping some other clothing item that covers character’s breasts.

Nude character in GTA 5 Online
On our website you can find a video tutorial on how to remove a bra from your character. Besides the fact that an outfit with no bra looks unusual, it will also attract many players’ attention.

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