How to change hair color in GTA 5 online

How to dye your hair in GTA 5

Colored hair is a lovely visual effect in GTA V. You can dye your hair any color, all you need is to visit a barber shop and choose the color you need. The wide range of colors allows you to pick anything from white to pink. You don’t need to apply changes to see what the new hair color would look like on your character, which is very convenient.

Barbershop in GTA 5 Online

How to dye hair?

How to dye hair in GTA 5 Online – easy! You can only do it in barber shops. There’s a lot of them on the map. Enter any one of them and press E (English keyboard layout). Your character will sit in an armchair – now you should:
  1. Pick any hairstyle that you like.
  2. Click on a color in the palette down below.
  3. Apply changes by pressing Enter.
GTA 5 Online Haircut
You can also add highlights by pressing Space. Parts of your hair will then have a brighter tone. To add the second color, click on the main color first and then click on an arrow to choose the additional color.

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