To become the road policeman in GTA 5 - easy!

How to become a traffic COP in GTA 5

Most of the fun in Grand Theft Auto 5 starts with a small violation. After committing it, the police will begin to chase the player. All this can grow into a real massacre with hundreds of victims and mass destructions. But you don’t always want to be on the «bad» side and cause mayhem in the city. Sometimes, players wish to step into shoes of a police officer and patrol the city themselves.

If you’re wandering, “How to become a highway patrol officer in GTA 5?”, then this article is right for you. First off, get a police car. You can do it in a variety of ways, although most of them end with police chases. Once you have a police car, escape the cops. Next, find a police uniform (this is unnecessary, although it adds to the realism).

Cop in GTA 5
Once you enter the police service you can stop cars and check drivers for violations. If they have any, you can arrest them yourself or call for backup. And yes, you can also use a firearm or a stun gun to catch criminals. This is how you can play as a highway patrol officer and fell the power in the game.

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