The research lab in GTA 5 online

How to get to the lab

Each new Grand Theft Auto game brings many new and surprising possibilities. In addition to the new storyline, next-gen graphics, new models and vehicles, the game presents us with more and more new locations. Visiting such locations is always a great deal of fun for the players. Interestingly enough, there’s certain locations in the game that the players can only visit while on a mission. So what can you do to access those locations when they become locked after the mission?

GTA 5 Research lab
Many are interested in how to get to the laboratory in GTA 5. The size of the location makes it difficult to explore in its entirety when playing a mission. However, there is a way to get inside and walk around the secret laboratory. For a full review of the glitch, which will help you access the location, we recommend you to watch a YouTube video where the whole process is thoroughly explained.

Top Secret Lab in GTA 5
The laboratory mission with Trevor in GTA 5 is remembered by many players because it has a lot of interesting things to discover. We recommend you to use the glitch and fully explore the base.

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