10 things GTA 5 would get from other games

10 things GTA 5 could get from other games Rockstar
GTA 4, the last major project in a series of Grand Theft Auto was released three years ago, and during this time Rockstar Games have developed a number of successful games, which have been applied hitherto unused their moves.

The moves, which could significantly improve future GTA 5. And if Rockstar Games ventured to make these great things in other games, then why not move them to the «five»?

Below was prepared a list of the ten main things from which presence in the game, any GTA fan just fall in rainbow faint from happiness.

Replay any mission.

The innovation that appeared in GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony and GTA Chinatown Wars. But, in the future, to appear for all new games «Рокстар», including Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire. This feature, in addition, that allows the player many times replay your favorite mission, and even improve the statistical indicators of its passage, and won a lot of awards.
Besides, the Rockstar Games Social Club best players appear on the wall leaders and their names can see anyone from anywhere in the world. Is this not happiness?


Rockstar never included in their game animals (except birds) right up until then, had not yet appeared game Red Dead Redemption. Of course, there were rumors that in GTA San Andreas were assumed to be police dogs, but they remained rumors.

Such a persistent manner party to an impressive part of the real world is explained by the fact that the developers did not want the players to be shot in a defenseless animals. But to shoot defenseless animals is like that to come to court and apply for a bunch of lawsuits worth millions of dollars.

However, in RDR can go and hunt. Well, if GTA 5 appears something like this, for example, all the same logically relevant police dogs... or if there will be countryside) something like cows, which can be accidentally knock his замызганным blue фургончиком, this will be a great game addition.

Improved graphics and genuine animation.

In Red Dead Redemption came very beautiful and detailed terrain and the nature of that head and shoulders above GTA 4, though both games are created on one engine.

LA Noire allowed to give the characters literally the same soul, thanks to modern technology, the animation never seen before.
If two of these technological things come in GTA 5, it will be a real explosion and a new breakthrough in the series.

Fully open card for multiplayer.

What you can do in multiplayer GTA 4 in the «Free Roam»? Well, you can perform tricks you can play with mods, you can do something else. All this «something» is usually enough for an hour and a half, and then get bored.

Red Dead Redemption brought this mode to a new level, giving the player the opportunity to do what he wants, when it wants, allowing to finish some mission to get points XP and open awards.

In GTA 5 could develop this feature, allowing groups of players unite and pass the mission against non-player characters. Given the popularity of the regime «Free Roam» in the RDR, appearing at the next Grand Theft Auto could be reasonable.


GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony appeared parachutes, which allow the player to jump from the highest points of the city, with helicopters and skydive. A similar function was in GTA San Andreas.
Due to the reinforced rumors that GTA 5 will be held in areas like San Andreas, the fact of appearance of a parachute it could be real. But we cannot forget that for Rockstar in the foreground currently costs realism, and parachute in GTA 4 appeared only in the episode. So...

Mini games in multiplayer.

In GTA 4 there are many games in a single passage. Bowling, Darts, Billiards and etc, However they cannot play online together with a real and not gaming, friends.

But in Red Dead Redemption is made possible thanks to the PACU «Liars And Cheats» - players are given the opportunity to play cards online.
Therefore, as Rockstar Games seriously passionate about downloadable optional content in GTA 5 might appear something of the sort, which increase the time spent players in multiplayer, and collect the sufficient number of crisp green papers.

Vertical movement.

To LA Noire no game Rockstar did not allow the player to move vertically in the area. Yes, in different GTA have the opportunity to jump, catch and pull up. But that San Andreas, GTA 4 is a primitive impossible. And if the player has a barrier, the higher its growth and a half times, all in her no way around and didn't jump.
In GTA IV promised to do possibility to climb telephone poles, but didn't. It is possible that straightens out and not forget the physical capabilities of detective Cole Phelps from LA Noire.

Collecting cars.

GTA 3 was a lot of garages, who demanded that the player hijacked and brought to them a particular make of car. After completing all assignments, opened the possibility of obtaining access to the car Park. LA Noire is one of the aims for 100% completion of the game
In GTA 5 collecting could build on a high artistic level, because the cars - the main part of the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto. And if San Andreas we were given tuning, then why in the new part not give the possibility of collecting?

Downloadable missions.

For GTA 4 we got two downloadable episodes, which, in fact, represent two separate games, held in the same city, and connected to the plot.

In LA Noire was applied different approach - just new mission. Something similar happened and Red Dead Redemption.
In GTA 5 could use a hybrid approach - sell players to new missions relating to the Social Club. Thus, players will not only be able to spend their money and spend time in the game, but also compete with other gamers in the statistics of the passage.

Independent decision-making.

In LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption possibility of decision-making, which is engaged in GTA 4, rose to a higher stage. In LA Noire your choice directly affect progress through the game, while in GTA 4 any choice only slightly changes the story.
It is possible that in GTA 5 decisions might affect the appearance of the (lack of) in the future, some missions or the attitude to you various gangs (like in GTA 2).

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