Replenishment GTA 5 Collection

Replenishment GTA 5 Collection: stick
Updated exclusive collection of Grand Theft Auto 5 Collection. On «warehouse» Rockstar were added 3 new subject: the symbolical Golf club, Golden usb drive, unique t-shirt.

Putter GTA 5

The circulation of clubs GTA 5 is limited to 1,000 units. On the surface of the products applied symbolic logo game, familiar to all players. Sticks are made from high quality metal alloy (5-iron). It is intended for practicing medium strength.

USB drives GTA 5

They remind gold bars with a printed symbols GTA 5 and Rockstar. The amount of memory each flash drive allows you to save in encrypted form to 2 GB. For users ' convenience implemented retractable usb connector.

Replenishment GTA 5 Collection: usb drives

t-Shirts Trevor Philips Industries (T.P.I.)

T-shirts T.P.I. made from 100% cotton and are ideal for active exercise and energetic people. Symbolic labels silkscreened on the front of the t-shirts and large - in the turnover.

Replenishment GTA 5 Collection: t-shirts

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