GTA 5 release date is the year 2011

release Date for GTA 5 listed 2011
A former employee of Rockstar says that the release date of GTA 5 in 2011.
Something recently summary of former employees of Rockstar Games never cease to amaze. This time Whether Donoghue (Leigh Donoghue), who worked in Rockstar North from 2005 until 2009, and posted his resume on the network.
It reads as follows:

Preparing tasks for artists together with the chief artist, producer and designer. Identify and review risks, recommendations for their solution and unforeseen expenses. Was involved in the design process, acted as an artistic and technical part.

Communication Department of the questions and answers in terms of testing procedures and standards. Created the game cards and interiors for games and cut-scenes.
It turns out that Whether Донхью we have a sensible man, yeah. And here is the list of games he has worked in Rockstar North up to the year 2009:

1. Zed Rockstar Games Not Released
2. Grand Theft Auto IV Rockstar Games 2008
3. GTA IV episodic content Rockstar Games 2009
4. Agent Rockstar Games TBA
5. Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games 2011

As you can see, only five games, including a GTA 5. Plus lists the release date. And the release date for GTA 5 is listed in 2011, but let's remember how much time developers postponed and carried their previous games? Yes a lot!

Therefore, we should not always believe that GTA 5 comes out in 2011, but it at least suggests that the game is supposed unreleased threatening for this year. And if it is pushed (pushed), it is not too impressive time.

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2011-10-02 14:48:16

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