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Considering both "London", the next game of the series will be the fifteenth. Of course, fans are pinning high hopes on her and believe that the next will be just GTA 5. As taken almost 10 years to change the numbers in the acronym for Grand Theft Auto : not only should the new generation, but also a revolution. And judging by the silence that withstands Rockstar, so be it. Well, why морят fans, if not only on the eve of the holiday of a lifetime?
The only information from the mouth of developers, to be exact - Dan Hauser, is perhaps the two sayings. The first relates to a scenario of the future game. According to Hauser, "the volume of the script is equal to thousands of pages, and much happier average film. As mentioned the fact that at first gathered over the characters and not over locations.
With regard to the possible location of a reversal of the action, here guesswork and all the rest of the lot. Let us remember that in TBoGT we found a poster with the inscription "farewell, liberty city". From this we conclude that in the City of Freedom of action unfold will not be. Reports were coming in that developers are hard study Hollywood and its surroundings. There was speculation that it was something. Perhaps the city will be named Los Santos, because he was already in GTA: San Andreas, prototype of Hollywood. Rather, it only area of the city and the entire city. This raises the idea that the game will be called GTA 5: Los Santos. But any new parts were not given the additional name after the figure. Because this option and option GTA 5: Vice City 2. And already this option is due more desire players will return legendary Vice city and find Majesty Tommy Vercetti. Interestingly, many players like to run for the famous protagonist. By the way, the younger players prefer the version with GTA:SA, and more experienced - with GTA:VC. The second theory lead to the proof of an interesting fact: that was first in liberty city, then Vice city, San Andreas, and then again in liberty city. According to them, the next part will focus especially on Vice city. In the complex calculations can define, that GTA 6 will be devoted to the state of San Andreas, or one of its cities. By the way, liberty city took military action on the most all - in 7 times (GTA 3, GTA: Advance, GTA: Liberty City Stories, GTA 4, GTA: Chinatown Wars, GTA: The Lost and Damned, and GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony). With regard to Vice city, the figure here below - 2 (GTA: Vice City and GTA: Vice City Stories), and San Andreas and does 1. And this is without counting the first GTA, events which fluttered in all three of these cities! Went in the circles of fans even a bike that developers are going to unite in liberty city, Vice city and San Аднреас. Someone even prepared the appropriate illustration and even the slogan "the End... where it all began" (talking about the three cities of the first GTA):

Thumbs GTA V

But here's the catch - the picture shows the silhouettes of the three Islands in liberty city. In Vice city no such high bridges as shown, and in the entire state of San Andreas. Therefore, it is no more than amateurish procurement.
With regard to the date of release, that was not one site "opens" the date of the appearance of GTA 5 on the shelves. For example, the German gaming resource promises January 15, 2012, the output of the "five" on Xbox 360. They say that everyone has his own truth. Personally I am inclined to the fact that the announcement of the game happens at the annual E3 2011, a release in 2012. It is likely that GTA 5 will support : PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Many say they have solved the release of the "five", found in the apartment Luis (TBoGT) calendar marked dates. Let's not lead to confusion yourself and don't get mislead other data dates are preliminary dates releases Episodes from Liberty City.

But what concerns the ridiculous rumors. Said that one day the same Dan Hauser mentioned in an interview that the genre of the next part will MMORPG. No, this is not in any gate not lezit. Who knows, maybe Mr. Hauser meant distant or not very future. In principle, it would be interesting, but only as an experiment. Agree, change the genre of the game, who invented this game is crazy. Rockstar such a step will not - declare authoritarian and convincingly.
Somehow immediately remembered another hearing. Its essence is that GTA prepare the scenes with Eminem in the title role. First, what part decided to film the yellow press? Second, with all due respect to the limitless talent rapper, Marshal mothers does not fit into one of the protagonist of the series. Let me remind you that the hearing had been around before or after the release of GTA: San Andreas. So who is to play him? Italians Tommy Vercetti and Tony Сиприани or black Charles Johnson and Vic Vance? Maybe Claude from GTA 3, or Mike from GTA: Advance, but against this, I have counterarguments. I doubt that Eminem will agree on a silent role, and, переписывав script, you can spoil one of the "chips" of the game - dumbness protagonists. In the second case, all the easier because the game is not so popular. Although it can play the opposite. In any case, nothing about it, nor do we know movie or something not seen. Perhaps it is time to cover and this bench. On the other hand, and suddenly decide to film GTA 5? You can try, but if there really so many pages of the script, the film will go into series a-La "of the Sopranos. Because it is unlikely that all this is possible, but time will tell.

It would seem so much to know, but it turns out that we do not know anything about an upcoming release. Due to the lack of announcements and details guesses are building, as the Chinese say. Something like that. And if on the account of the GTA 5 typed information on three-dimensional preview, then the account of the fifth generation of the subsequent games of the ruler of the "five", we don't know anything at all. Hopefully, that will not prepare any part of the PSP, for example.

Like I already said everything. Oh, no! Forgot to mention that some or two something Ambroise Carminati and Eicar removed the pseudo-advertising of the future game. 's left to say why so little attachment to the article. The fact is that no illustrations, screenshots, images and especially video, the developers are not provided. There is only the logo of the future game, made by fans, but he was used very often, in contrast to the above illustration.

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