Vinewood-possible City GTA 5

Vinewood - possible city GTA 5
Vinewood - possible city GTA 5

Part of fans of GTA claims that the new game codenamed Grand Theft Auto V will be based on the new town, which is called Vinewood.
Unfortunately, it was not possible to translate the original English texts, but that's what gives Google:

It was right in front of our faces all this time

Remember Liberty City It's Over poster? As this is a parody of a poster for the film? And as he appeared on gulls theatre? Film Industry = Hollywood

Remember, as he showed under the volcano? But the volcano was actually very erections? People then called a red herring. WRONG! Vinewood obviously a parody of the hit. Vine = penis, wood = hard, hard penis (incase someone doesn't get the play on words). Volcano erection.

Not to mention the fact that the poster next to Liberty City It More poster says plainly, miss!

Remember how the volcano, the poster was in a sex shop on the other side of the street? Hollywood, separated by literally only roads, borders of the San Fernando valley, home Sex for the United States film industry.

This street in the game called Lorimar, which happens to be the name of the TV company's Products.

Remember, as the poster said "Vesuvius citrate"? People said that it is a hint Vice City. WRONG! It Vinewood, California.

When someone discovered that was a flash movie for download which eventually became a hamster, they believe that it is a hint of the old parody GTA advertising hamster porn. Again, a hint of the sex industry in Hollywood.

All on top of the R*'love parody of American media, Hollywood makes apparent the next stop.

In addition, the V in GTAV stands for Vinewood.

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2011-10-12 19:41:39

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