GTA 5 innovations that will explode your brain!

10 innovations GTA 5 that will blow you brain!
10 innovations GTA 5 that will blow you brain!

On the resource VideoGamer in GTA 4 played to exhaustion, while thinking that you could even add to the top game on Xbox 360. And at the same time, the editors of the site, as well as any gamer, maybe a question arose: «What we'd like from GTA 5?». Watching GTA 3 has spawned numerous sequels on the PS2, we assume that GTA 5 will be launched on the next console generation in the summer of 2014 Below presents a dozen ideas that will make GTA 5 on the PS4 even brighter and more attractive.

10. Scanning persons.

Imagine a multiplayer game mode in GTA with your friends. Not just randomly generated persons and characters that look like your friends. We assume that the release of the next generation of consoles will be available for face-scanning and detailed recreating it in the game. Imagine a Bank robbery. You sit in the car and through the double doors of the Bank ran out your friends, Laden зелененькими banknotes. This may very deeply immerse you in the game process.

9. Modernization of the car.

Playing GTA 4, we could not really feel control over the machine. If we had the ability to completely modernize, ranging from technical specifications and finishing деколями, then we would have a close Association with the car. Imagine the presence of a toolbar similar to микрософтовскими, as in Forza 2, allowing you to perform any task on the paint of your car. Increase the power of your machine by adding nitro, decorate the neon and you get the complete set! This was just great in single player and excellent in multiplayer, where every gangster looks the same as the player in real life.

, 8. No delay and the slowdown!

Although GTA 4 is likely to surpass all that is possible in terms of visual effects, we hope that Rockstar finally working on the convergence of the slowdown in the game. Series GTA suffered since moved from 2D to 3D, and, nevertheless, we hope to fix this shortcoming with each new version of the console. In GTA 4's hard to look at this deficiency through his fingers, and it would be a disgrace for the company to prevent such problems in the next generation of games.

7. Voice recognition

We expect that by the time we play GTA 5 artificial intelligence is significantly stepping forward, and, despite the fact that he is at a high level, we would like to see it more real. We would like to be able to talk to in the game as well as in reality. That game had all the possibilities and technologies in order to come to a character, talk to them in his own voice. We mean not canned phrases, and specific answers, formed you, who bring a lot of жизнеподобного in the game.

6. International travel.

Prior to that, in GTA already been planes (we assume that they will return to GTA 5), but we would like to use them in the game moved to a new level. GTA 5 will volumetric game, so we want to be able to fly on the plane from one country to another or to use for these purposes, train or boat. By default, the passenger or to go on a stolen car, wherever we wanted to. This will move the theft auto to a new level. We understand that require the whole world is too much, but how about at least part of Europe. You can even go by train Eurostar from England to France.

5. Open building

Until we know the current hardware limitations, which implies that the program size GTA 4 with fully interactive buildings extremely difficult, but we still want it. We expect that in the next-generation console, the power system will not become a hindrance to make this dream into a reality. Thus, we want to go to the store, by which we go through. Let in the houses is the closed doors, but we want to be able to break into them.

4. Destruction

GTA 4 is great model destruction of vehicles, but the game lacks the destruction of buildings and large objects - as in reality. Of course, hard to realize the game, but when we launch the rocket in the building, we expect that it will be overthrown. If you send your truck in the wall of a house for real, that you are likely to прошибете wall and your tractor will be in someone's living room. Realism in GTA 5 must move to a new level.

3.Приближенные to the reality of the townspeople.

No matter how well were made citizens in GTA 4, they still behave unconvincing compared with real people. We want the next generation GTA people had their lives and identity, to have their goals and objectives. GTA 4 gorgeous in creating the illusion of reality, but on a closer look closely, you can guess that you are just in the game. People should go to work and come back with her, to stop on the street to talk with friends, and generally move better than GTA 4.

2. The city should be the memory.

In GTA 4 we all go border and pour his wrath without fear or kill someone in the street, and without batting an eye. What if people knew that. The woman which thou hast machine can be brothers-gangsters, the purpose of life is now going to be revenge. The building that you blew up paralyzes the whole street, and cause traffic congestion on the elimination of which will take about a week. Congestion should not immediately disappear. Road closure will lead to перенасыщенному movement on the surrounding streets. Things such as these, make the game more realistic.

1. Natural change of the city.

Proceeding from enhanced the realism of city residents, he should change itself. If the guy in which you fire, has died, his family will need in money and they have to change their place of residence. Street after a few weeks, will become more desert, where several families to leave their homes, which will become a victim of street hooligans, and lovers of graffiti. After a few short weeks road is completely will change and will be abandoned so that it rarely when will I see at least one car. The developer can destroy a huge area for construction on it supermarket. We know that this is just our imagination, but it would be great if they were true in the GTA 5.

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