Information about GTA 5

Information on GTA 5
We know about GTA 5 quite a bit, but let's try to compile the information and to present what will be the long-awaited game.

That we already know about GTA 5?
the main hero or one of the main being the voice comedian Gilbert Gottfried
- Rockstar Games bought for GTA 5 more than a hundred domains
- supposedly the site of action of the game will be Los Angeles
- one of the heroes of the game will be Carl Johnson/Томии Верситти
- technology will be used MotionScan
- players will give more choice in action during the interactive game Wallpapers

What only rumors were not about the continuation of the series of games Grand Theft Auto, let's consider some of them:

GTA 5 - continuation of Vice City

Information on GTA 5
Rumors began nor with any justified information from the developers, but rather, the interests of the fans. The idea is that the numeral "V" is at the same time the beginning of the name "Vice City". But after RockStar has published the image where the digit "5" not Roman, as in GTA IV, and taken with пятидолларовой bills 1899 (more on that later), this rumor was destroyed. You can now safely say that the GTA 5 is not a continuation of GTA Vice City, although we'll see what happens November 2...

GTA 5 - continuation of the San Andreas

Information on GTA 5
And again with unreliable information. Start rumors brought news resource Kotaku, who argues that the actions will take place in Los Angeles. We all know that the state of San Andreas - is a set of real-world cities:
Los Santos - Los Angeles
Las Venturas - Las Vegas
San Fierro - San Francisco

This means that the place of the event - Los Santos. May, instead of the entire state's make one big city? That too is still that the hearing.

Information on GTA 5
And now let's talk about the facts. Most recently, on page RockStar instead of all the information was only one picture. Looking closely, you'll notice the similarity of the "Five" to the equivalent пятидолларовой bills 1899:

Information on GTA 5
Wait, does this mean that the action will be in XIX-XX century? Will hijack a coach and be shot at dueling for charming ladies? Would not it too look like Red Dead Redemeption? This hardly expect fans...

In any case, RockStar us surprise waiting for November 2, all together!
I hope that this time we will provide a real trailer, not like last time, when RockStar published under the guise trailer this clip

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