Tommy Vercetti - the main character of GTA 5?

Truth or fiction that the main hero of the GTA 5 will be Tommy Vercetti?
Truth or fiction that the main hero of the GTA 5 will be Tommy Vercetti?

Friends don't you think that the main character GTA V will Tommy Vercetti?
Why I get this? In the Russian version of the trailer I heard a couple of phrases that led me to the thought that the new part of the cult game will be a continuation of exactly GTA Vice City by the way, that in the subject of our favorite site! Though we know that V - Vinewood. This might not be so! Not all of it is true that we thought. And so dear users I ask you to look at this photo.
Now as mentioned in the video, I quote: «I wanted to retire, to stop doing what I used to do. Take a break from work, spend some time in a good guy, spend time with my family. So I bought a big house, came here and decided to become a father! Such a father to me put other fathers in the example. And my children. My children live would be gorgeous...» And then there appeared his face. What this quote? Yes to what is already clear is clear - it will be the continuation GTA question: What? Here only two options: GTA Vice City and GTA 3. To judge you dear friends. This is my idea!

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2011-11-03 20:21:50

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