GTA5 is meat!

GTA5 overgrowing meat!
GTA5 overgrowing meat!
Rockstar hard hides all information about the future of the project, however, fans of the game manages to dig in the network of interesting facts. As it became known, that the main character will be called Albert De Silva.

It's Hispanic come from, by the way, from Vice City. Map GTA5 will be 5 times more than in GTA4. It consists of three sectors that are opened gradually. As regards to gameplay, here will return all of the favorite achieve gangs. I mean to steal the caravans, banks, trade in narcotics and weapons. And her band can put together and in the cartoon, which will support up to 32 players.
And some other details:

- More realistic shooting, dynamic accuracy.
"The cops will become smarter and chase obtained much more exciting.
- On the E3 show a playable demo GTA V.
- Reaching 4 stars investigation, will announce on the radio about the dangers.
- In-game TV will include a variety of channels.
Radio stations will report on traffic jams in the city... and these data correspond to reality.
- The economy of the underworld, you can control the buying and selling drugs, weapons and illegal auto.
- The hero will be able to take drugs and they will put him effects. If smoke weed, the level of investigation will rise to one star.

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2012-04-05 16:29:12

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