Name of the protagonist of GTA 5 revealed

Called the name of the main hero of Grand Theft Auto 5
indicate the name of the main hero of Grand Theft Auto 5
One of the former employees of the Studio Rockstar North has published on Gamespot forum a selection of fresh information about Grand Theft Auto 5. After some time the message was deleted, but it can still be found in the Google cache.

A former developer GTA 5 told, that in game there will be only one main character - albert de Silva, representative of one of the criminal groups Vice city. The Alberta we have already seen in the first trailer of GTA 5. It has now turned out he had a son Kevin - lazy lover of video games, which is in no hurry to continue the work of his father.
The world of GTA 5 will be much higher than in the fourth part. Card size will increase by about five times. The territory will be divided into three parts, of which the largest will be the region of Los Santos. The hero will be able to travel on airplanes and cars. The past as weapons in GTA 5, you can upgrade and customize to your liking.

Online GTA 5 on a single card can fight up to 32 players. However, this applies only to consoles. Perhaps, in the PC version of GTA 5 network mode will be more extensive. The same source informs, that release of the game will take place in may next year, with a working version of GTA 5 need to show at E3 2012. Rockstar this information has not yet commented.

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2012-03-27 08:45:32

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