Pachter said that GTA V go before E3 2012

Pachter said that GTA V will before E3 2012
The other day again touched upon the topic of the fifth part of Grand Theft Auto, this time another analyst who once predicted sale, release date, and more in the gaming industry, expressed his point of view about the appearance of the first information about the exhibition E3 2012 to be held in June.

Michael Pachter people which can be described as a more "secular" than the official representative of his profession, he often comes out to say that neither will and about what may be loud at the first opportunity, in particular he spoke about such major franchises as Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Grand Theft Auto. Of course all of his predictions are not more than forecasts (let's not call the work of analysts lie, it hurts their analytical sense), because all that he said about the other games, just not correspond to the truth, so it is in the case of GTA 5.

Pachter said that GTA V will before E3 2012
Pachter works at Wedbush Morgan, and on his show on GameTrailer, Michael talked about the upcoming E3 2012 and what games there present, including Pro console, the next generation. But he also asked what he thinks about Grand Theft Auto 5 to which he replied, very vaguely:

"- Rockstar Games believe that they are cooler any E3. They believe that they can at any time declare their game, and it will attract a lot of people and without global conferences or exhibitions. If you want to get information about GTA V, it is worth it to wait before E3 2012, after which everything will discuss only the GTA V and not the game presented there. said Michael Pachter, a financial analyst with Wedbush Morgan."

Analyst confidently believes that the fifth part of Grand Theft Auto will be on the shelves a few days after the release of Bioshock: Infinite, approximately 23 October 2012.

"I think that GTA 5 will be available a few days after the new Bioshock, because it does not relate to the game from Take 2 Interactive. - confidently said Pachter."

After such sharp statements Pachter can lose respect, he moved to the side of where it is better to tell the truth about Grand Theft Auto V and not Express nonsense, many analysts already failed and were punished by the fans, apparently the same fate awaits Pachter. In any case he should talk about games T2I, but they are not connected, but to put it forward without mentioning release, Max Payne 3 is ridiculous.

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2012-05-04 19:05:57

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