Rumor: leaked information about GTA 5

Rumor: Large leak of information about GTA 5
Ears: Large leak of information about GTA 5

Someone named Brendan, claiming to be a former employee, Rockstar Games, spoke about the details of Grand Theft Auto 5 and provided valuable information that his team is still working on Bully 2, Red Dead Rebellion and Wild Metal 2. Of course, if all this is true.
"What I saw, it is very difficult to forget. I will share with you all this, because just can't hold onto it anymore. It is impossible to erase from memory. The only ones with whom I could share information were my family and a very small number of close friends. Dammit, I wanted to tell her where many people! But let's order. My name is Brendan and I already three years working as a senior officer of graphic design Studio in Full Sail Academy, located in Orlando, Florida.

The data, which I'll share with you not represent a common set of rumors, speculation or insider leaks, but are facts that I physically can confirm.

In 2007, when we first trailer for GTA 4, I thought that it was cool to work in such a great campaign, as Rockstar Games. What could be better than working people, with whom you will create the game of your dreams? Eventually, I decided to try to get there and sent them a resume. The answer has not received.

Only in March 2011, I suddenly discovered in his letter of invitation to be interviewed 12-month contract to work. Which forbade me to say that I've seen over time.

Turn to what you want to hear - GTA 5.

The fifth part of developing since 2008, and today it is ready to 87%. I confirm that development are also Bully 2, Red Dead Rebellion (yeah, the third part) and Wild Metal 2.

Working gameplay most interesting of all the games I saw.


I saw the Holy Grail - map GTA 5, and Yes, Los Santos is the only city that will be represented. However, this city is really huge and it is divided into three parts - Los Puerta, The Greater Narnja Area and the Greater Los Santos. Each separated suburb.

Los Santos is the most populous and diverse in its geography of the city. People who played San Andreas, a pleasant return mountain chain Chilliad Peak and several city districts.

In fact, created by the developers of the territory would house three liberty city, and all of this is also bordered by two natural zones, as if taken from Red Dead Redemption. Two official airport, one private and military base also await you.

Main character, other aggregated details

Main character name is Adrian, and that it lowers the roof of his convertible in the trailer. Ordinary gangster, loving easy money, good at handling money and women. In criminality rotates with adolescence.

During the route you will encounter the so-called strangers previously in Red Dead Redemption, which will give us a side-quests. The game will and moral choice, and the decisions made during the passage, have a large impact on the ending, unlike GTA 4.

You will be able to recruit a team of characters found you on jobs, and on the streets. Someone will sell you weapons, someone nice to shoot it. Not necessary to type it all who will get to you, because from selected partners depends on how you play. Some people will act covertly, others not at all. Command, by the way, you can call both during the mission and while walking around town.

You can customize only your character. All the clothes you will see the passers-by, and can be purchased in stores. Perhaps return statistics scale health. Return bodybuilding, however, gain weight from taking food, that only increases your health, it is impossible. Physical indicators decrease from the lack of the required loads.

Side-quests and new cool stuff

Strip clubs, bars, drugs, Boxing clubs, base-jumping, and more will remain in the game. And will auto-salons, maps, para-glider, rock climbing and race on the roads.

Theft is really back. You can steal from home, you can полезть in a shop or a Bank. If you take a buddy, it's production is divided equally, and heavy objects will be easier to take.

Your house will be safe, where will be stored jewelry издения, drugs, weapons, and other things.

Drugs presents roughly the same as was done in Chinatown Wars. Sell them to the first comer or change of the counter-stranger on services is not a question for you.

Adrian gets drunk. Grass not drink it, but maybe if you force. Cops chasing persons in a condition of narcotic intoxication, so try not to get caught their eye, dear addicts.

Money does not fall out wads of dead characters. Обыскивайте their pockets - and, perhaps, will not only find the cache.


When I say "many weapons", I mean it's huge. Approximately 48-50 completely different types. Interestingly, are the cannon of Max Payne 3, Episodes of Liberty City and even Red Dead Redemption. The last you will find in an antique shop.

No one bothers to take two guns in both hands. Returns the RPG-firing system, and a lot of that will be in direct dependence from your experience.

Melee you can use objects of the environment. In GTA 4 could throw bricks and bottles.

You can shoot, climbing or descending the stairs.

When I left from the place of work, the team thought the selection screen weapons and wanted to do it in Red Dead Redemption.

Enemies can be used as a human shield and weapon acquire different types of cartridges - for example, incendiary. Generally, the play will be reminded of their dynamics, Max Payne 3.

Level разыскиваемости characterized by the six stars. One police will soon follow you on foot. By the way, can try to fall down from legs on the run or ambush. At six on you never let the army, but it still will not cops.

All cars of GTA 4, plus a large number of novelties. Dewbauche GT Zagato (it's a red convertible from the trailer), Grotti T2 Widow, Pfister Hannover, Dinka S-EX.

The cabriolet roof is lowered. Oh Yes, wait for bicycles - beach -, two -, BMX and so on.

Public transport is not limited to one metro. There is a tram, bus and taxi.

Aircraft lot, but the airship manage not only to fly from one point to another. Do not attempt to topple the last, he is invulnerable.


They are harder to get. Many of the prices will make a big step to the real parameters. The purchase of cars, houses, filling machine, food and clothes, any whim for your cash.

Enus Cognoscenti XLR, for example, worth 1.2 million dollars and you can buy it through the web site. Rent a room in a hotel for 150 bucks, or you can buy a mansion for a few million.

Drugs play a major role in the extraction of money. Some things can be changed on the other. Jewelry rent Lombard. Return mission with the police, taxi and murders.

Summing up, I dare say, that Grand Theft Auto 5 will not just the most ambitious game Rocktar, but the entire industry."

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2012-05-25 04:15:13

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