GTA 5 is complete reincarnation of San Andreas?

GTA 5 is complete reincarnation San Andreas?
GTA 5 is complete reincarnation San Andreas?

In July 2010, net swept rumors that Rockstar Games investigate Hollywood and that the next part of the Grand Theft Auto will take place exactly in this field. Time passed and we rolled out first video GTA 5, where we really were in Vinewood (Los Santos), virtually confirmed the rumors of two years ago.
But at the moment, according to Rockstar, we know the game we are waiting for only Los Santos with adjacent territories. It remains unclear concept, as Los Santos is one of the three cities GTA San Andreas, and how to put (and will if at all) developers remaining two cities on the soil of the new game engine and the plot of the most anticipated and mysterious game in recent years.

And here we come to the aid of those employees Rockstar Games in 2010-researched areas in Hollywood and Los Angeles. And very handy, level designer R* Ross Wallace (Ross Wallace) respects a social service photo-sharing site Flickr and placed there the this keywords data.

No, they are no carpet, no witness, no cat and even without a naked female Breasts were. There is another. Here is how the signed album was Mr. Wallace:
Trip around the United States 2010

Whether, STU, DJ and I rushed in Las Vegas, visited the office of Rockstar San Diego, and later in Los Angeles and had done all in San Francisco. Trip we planned since 2003!
It's pretty weird, huh? Staff Rockstar responsible for what we see and where is the main character and passes all the history of the game, suddenly took and went on a trip to cities, virtual copies of which are in GTA San Andreas.

Virtual copy one of which is in GTA 5. One. And that, this is the notorious big-пребольшая card mentioned Dan Hauser? One of the city and all? I would not like to believe.

And there are preconditions. As you remember, I once wrote an article " thinking about where will take place the next part of Grand Theft Auto. It was published the fifth of March 2010, and I assumed that this would be the state of San Andreas. Since then, my opinion has not changed.

Besides, in all probability, at the moment GTA 5 to Rockstar is the same as GTA San Andreas in time - the last game for the consoles of current generation. We know and understand that in a short time to replace the Xbox 360 and PS3 will come new consoles, and with the pace of development from Rockstar, the next part of the Grand Theft Auto (not V), have time to get to them already.

So when, if not now, squeeze all the juice? Do the biggest map. Add mountains, fighter and devil's crisp snow?

And in the end, a single comparison. Especially for those who are in the news about planes Grand Theft Auto V found in Max Payne 3, said it simply textures on the wall:

GTA 5 is complete reincarnation San Andreas?
Yes, Yes, photo 2010 and trailer 2011.

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